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Jungian Astrology (as taught by Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychoanlyst) brings astrology, psychology, and mythology together as a unified system to "midwife" positive change and transformation on both personal and collective levels of consciousness. Mary believes, as did Carl Jung, that astrology is not merely a "fortune-telling" device, but an exact science handed down from antiquity. The ancient priests of many cultures(including Egypt & Peru) used the stars as "maps to the soul" and to "remember" their gods. Today, we use the sacred symbols of astrology to decode the divinity within.
Mary also uses dream imagery, regression work, and the archetypal imagery of the Egyptian tarot to help identify one's core patterns from this lifetime, as well as, karmic strengths and weaknesses from the past. A consultation with Mary helps to restore a sense of wholeness and balance to the psyche allowing for a greater flow of abundance and harmony in one's personal relationships. Your souls' purpose is revealed as written in the stars: "as above, so below".

Many types of comparative and/or relationship chart readings can be done : between persons (Composite charts), or places (Relocation chart). You can set up a chart for your Solar Return (birthday of the present year, which is your personal "new year's day); as well as the Transits and Progressions (cosmic cycles) of your upcoming months.
Readings also make perfect gifts, any time of the year, particularly when people are making transitions in their lives, or experiencing unexpected events. The astrology consultation by Mary is not an impersonal computer printout. It is a personalized session, based on your date, time and place of birth. This provides the basis of a computer generated chart which she interprets. Readings are done in person, or by phone, depending on your geographical location. The charts will help you understand the dynamic of between the personal and cosmic energies involved, and thus to make more informed choices. Charts are not deterministic or fatalistic; rather, like maps, they help us to understand the roads on which we find ourselves and the terrain of our own personalities and potentialities.

Mary Specializes in:
- Karmic Astrology
- Relationship Astrology / Composite
- Solar Return and Progressions
- Children's Birth Charts
- Career Counselling
- Relocation Charts


60 minute reading    
90 minute reading  




All in-person or phone readings are taped for you convenience.

CONTACT: Mary Lomando:
3090 N. Course Dr Apt. 110
Pompano Beach, Fl 33069
(954) 972-5891      


Thank YOU, Mary. Your reading really changed something for me. Like some things about myself that I've perceived to be "wrong" or "bad" forever (!) are simply the way I am wired and I can just accept myself. Really it was profound, so many thanks to you. Amy

Mary, I've finally made time to listen to the tape of my reading from last Sunday and I'm still just amazed and delighted at your perception. Thank you very, very much for the information, the suggestions, the caring - it comes at the perfect time, of course! Michelle L.

Dear Mary, It was such a pleasure to speak with you.
Thank you so much for your wonderful insights and going extra mile for me. Vika B.

My cells are still singing a joyous song since receiving your gift of astrology. It was impactful and so finely rendered. Thank you, Myra J





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