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Join Mary as we journey up the Nile experiencing the sacred geometry of Egypt's temples, its mystery and its magic. This is an initiation into the ancient mystery school teachings of Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet and Nepthys with group ritual and ceremonies designed to evoke a personal experience of the archetypes and neters. The lotus thus is a symbol of rebirth, the renewal of life and the promise of everlasting life. The blue lotus was a symbol of the sun god and the pharaohs..The flower is connected closely with Isis. Like the sun that sets in the evening and rises in the morning, the lotus flower blooms in the day and closes each night..
"In one version of the creation myth, the sun first rose out of a giant lotus flower that bloomed on the primordial mound" ...Mary Lomando
Connecting the Stargates: The Ancient Wisdom/New Vision

Join us this November for our full moon trip as we  journey to the sacred land of the Nile. If you have been drawn to the magic of Egypt, now is the time to experience it. We begin with  the temple of Isis at Philae, the most famous initiation center and healing temple of ancient times. Philae served as the model for the “priestesses of Avalon” in ancient Glastonbury, as the cult of Isis spread throughout the known world.  We will spend quality time in Luxor, the feminine heart of ancient Egypt. Here, we visit the temples of Luxor and Karnak; as well as, the temples of Hatshepsut, Hathor at Dendera and Osiris at Abydos. These ancient centers of healing and esoteric wisdom held the keys for activating the Light Body. By working within these vortices of light, we have access to our own inner hall of records. Walking in the footsteps of the adepts, we complete our initiation at The Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx.

PERU JOURNEY: SEPT 18 - 29, 2020
Pre- Tour Option -Day 1 – Tuesday - September 13 - Lima
Arrival in Lima. Transfer to our centrally located hotel near the best shops, restaurants and parks in Miraflores, “the city of flowers”. Overnight Miraflores.
Day 2 - Wednesday - Sept 14 - Ica
Early morning bus transport to Ica via the Pan American Highway. We will travel through the coastal region of Central Peru, a land of exotic animals, mysterious mummies, historic wineries and alien desert landscapes. Ica is a picturesque colonial town, which is famous for its sunny climate all year round. Overnight Ica Hotel. (B)
Day 3 - Thursday - Sept 15 - Ica
Ica. Visit to Dr. Cabrera Museum, which houses more than 11,000 enigmatic carved stones depicting themes ranging from dinosaur “farms” to cranial surgery. If time permits, we will also visit the Muse Historico Regional. Overnight Ica. (B)
Day 4 -Friday - Sept 16 - Total Lunar Eclipse
Bus Transport to Nazca. Visit to Maria Reiche and Nazca Museums, home of the “alien” skulls and land of a 1,000 mummies. *Optional flight over the Nazca Lines to be arranged on site. Dinner and Eclipse watching at Maria Reiche Observatory. Overnight Maria Reiche Hotel/ Nazca. (B)

Day 5- Saturday - September 17
Return bus transport to Lima. Overnight Miraflores Hotel.

Day 1 - Sunday - September 18

Dinner and Orientation with Mary & Amaru (depending on flight arrivals). Overnight Miraflores

Day 2- Monday – September 19- Lima
Lima City tour of main Cathedrals and museum.  Visit to Huaca Pucllana (Inca archaeological site) for late lunch at 5-star restaurant onsite.  Overnight  Lima.(B)

Day 3 – Tuesday -September 20 - Sacres Valley
Morning flight from Lima to Cusco, the sacred city of the Incas.  After arriving at Cusco airport, we have private transport to our beautiful garden sanctuary hotel in the heart of the Sacred Valley. Dinner and evening orientation with Mary and Amaru.  Overnight Sacred Valley.  (B,)

Day 4 - Wednesday- September 21 - Sacred Valley - Pisac
Today we visit Pisac Market, the largest (and most colorful) Inca market in the area noted for its traditional weavings, hand-made jewelry, and indigenous artifacts. Pisac is also famous for the amazing agricultural terraces surrounding the city. Lunch at Pisac Market. Optional hike with Amaru to the Sun Temple. If time permits, afternoon tour of Moray‘s enormous circular terraces. Overnight Sacred Valley. (B)
Day 5  - Thursday- September 22 – Sacred Valley - Spring Equinox    
We spend the first day of Peruvian spring at the impressive Inca site of Ollaytaytambo with its massive Sun Temple (often called the South American Baalbek). This amazing site is also reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian stone masonry found at the Giza plateau. Shamanic Water blessing/ healing ceremony for the Mother Earth at the temple baths of the “Virgins of the Sun”.
Later this evening, there will be time for private healing sessions/reading with Amaru for those who have booked in advance. Overnight Sacred Valley. (B)
Day 6 – Friday - September 23 – Machu Picchu
We transfer from our hotel to the Ollaytaytambo train station. From here we continue on our journey to Aguas Calientes (named after the hot springs there) and Machu Picchu passing through some of the most spectacular scenery in Peru. Lunch in Aguas Calientes with time for exploring this town at the foot of Machu Picchu and the Hiram Bingham Museum. Overnight Aguas Calientes. (B)
Day 7– Saturday -September 24
Full day at Machu Picchu, the “lost city” of the Incas and  recently named as one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Amaru will guide us through the main power spots and temples of the Crystal City, while Mary will explain the astrological and astronomical signatures found here, as well as the connections between the ancient Egyptian and Incan cosmologies.  Overnight Aguas Calientes. (B)
Day 8  – Sunday - September 25 - Cusco
We return to Cusco on the first class Vistadome train. Cusco was the main capital city of the Inca Empire, built in the shape of a Puma. Cusco City is a fantastic feast of color, sounds and textures. Musicians, artists and local vendors fill the streets 24 hours a day making the history of this magical city come alive.   After check-in, we will enjoy a relaxing dinner at our hotel. Overnight Cusco. (B)
Day 9 – Monday - September 26 - Cusco
Exploring Cusco city. We visit the famous Korikancha, Sun Temple, the spiritual center of the Inca Empire and walk through the cobbled streets once inhabited by the Virgins of the Sun and Inca rulers.  Mary will explain the archaeological correlations between Korikancha and  the Valley Temple of Giza.  The sights and sounds of Cusco are unforgettable as musicians, shamans, lamas and vendors fill the streets music and color. Overnight Cusco. (B)
Day 10  – Tuesday - September 27
We spend the day exploring the amazing site of  Sacsayhuaman and its  megalithic structures; afterwards we visit  Qenko , the pre-Incan ceremonial cave devoted to the Great Mother or Pacha Mama and  mysterious site of Puka Pukara.  Afternoon free for exploring Cusco’s many artists’ & handicrafts markets. Group dinner. Overnight Cusco. (B)
Day 11 – Wednesday - September 28
We say "Adios" to Cusco. Morning flight from Cusco to Lima. Overnight  Lima. (B)

Day 12 –Thursday – September 29
US Departure flights



Machu Picchu - Puka Pukara - Tambo Machay - ..kenko - Pisac Sacsayhuaman - Ollantaytambo - ..Sacred Valley
Explore the ancient Inca city of Cusco
Visit the Ancient Temple of Korikancha "Temple of Gold"
Explore the the Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman and its ancient Lemuria stones
Celebrate the "New Earth" energies at "Machu Picchu" citadel
Vist the Floting Island of "Uros" one of the ancient etnic group at "Lake Titicaca"
Shamanic Cerenony to celebrate the new frequencies of Mother Earth
Visit the Pre Inca site of Sillustani on "Lake Titicaca"
Medittion at the Inter dimentional stargate of "Aramu Muru"
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  Vist the amaizing collection of ancient stones at Dr. Cabrera museum in Ica
  Visit the regional museum of Ica with Allien Skulls

Flight over the mysterious symbols of "Naszca Lines"

We welcome those of you who are feeling called to newer heights of expansion and awareness to join us we make our sacred journey to Peru. We are privileged to facilitate a small group who will activate the star codes of the "Crystal city" of Machu Picchu.Join Mary and Amaru for this very special journey to Peru as we immerse ourself in ancient wisdom, meditation and shamanic ceremonies in the highly charged vortex of the Andes. Through our group meditation and ceremonies, we will experience this energy on a very personal level. The Andes are recognized, both cosmically and scientifically , as an extrordinary geomantic center. The Equinox is a potent time for rebalancing our energies. Cusco is has been called "the navel of the world" (secon chakra) by the Inca priest. There is a relationship in their teachings to the Ancient Egyptian astronomer/priests of the sun temple at Heliopolis.Mary will help de-code the secrets left behind in the monuments and stellar patterns as Amaru share his shamanic lineage. We will be gathering when the cosmic forces are extremely potent. We hope you will be whit us for this incedible experience!.

As an option, we will have the oportunity to visit the "Island of the Sun" at Lake Titicac, as well as, fly over the famous Nazca Lines. This is the time for integrating the Great Wisdom teaching of all people.


Post Tour 1: Lake Titicaca Option  
(4 nights 5 days/ minimum number of 6 required for this option )

Day 1- September  29
Lake Titicaca Option begins with  flight to Juliaca/Puno. Shamanic blessing abundance with Amaru  at ancient fertility temple near the Lake.  Overnight  Lake Titicaca Hotel. (B

Day 2 – September 30 – Lake Titicaca
We sail on a “Kontiki” reed boat to Uros Island , the floating island of reeds . Overnight Hotel Lake Titicaca. (B,)

Day 3 – October 1
Lake Titicaca. Optional visit to Amaru Muru “stargate” for special Shamanic ceremony. Overnight Hotel Lake Titicaca. (B,)

Day 4 – October 3
Drive to Sillustani , one of the most intense sites on the Lake where many UFO sightings have been seen. This was once an ancient burial ground with mysterious stone maze, similar to those found in ancient Britain. We then return to Juliaca airport for  flight to Lima. Overnight Lima Hotel. (B,)

Day 5 – October 4
Departure flight to US.

- “Mary thanks very much for all your planning and organization on this trip. Every site was awesome...I took over 1000 photos! I had an amazing time and had some of the best food anywhere!. (Pat, FL )

- Thank you very much for such an incredible adventure. I had an absolutely wonderful time. Machu Picchu...the hotels..everything was more than I could imagine. I plan on bringing my daughter next time. (Linda, PA)
- Every single moment of the trip was perfect! (Leah, CA)
- I highly recommend travel with Mary; it was an amazing experience. I loved the shamanic insights and perspective that Amaru shared with us. He gave me wonderful insights into his native Peruvian culture.(Susan, FL)

For further information about Peru November 2020 Registration Contact Mary
at : Mlomando@bellsouth.net

Some changes in itinerary may occur, but all sites will be visited. It’s important to be flexible when traveling. Travel  insurance is ALWAYS recommended.

Main Trip: (11 Nights, 10 Days) $3888 p/p; single room add $1050 (Cost based on minimum of 10 pax).
Pre- Trip Option : Nazca Lines/Ica Archeological Excursion (4 nights/ 5 days includes Dr. Cabrera Museum, Archaeological Field Museums & Deluxe hotels, all transportation & guide fees = $850 p/p; Single Add $200)
* Flight over Nazca Lines not included & will be determined on site.
Post Trip Option 1: Lake Titicaca/ Puno Sept 30 - Oct 4 (4 nights/5 days; includes r/t domestic airfare, 4 nights deluxe hotel at Lake Titicaca and one night Lima & all transport & guide fees =$1200 p/p; Single Add $550) Cost based on minimum of 6 pax.
Post Trip Option 2: Shamanic Initiation and Plant Ceremony in the Amazon with Amaru Li: Sept 30 thru Oct 4. This option is open to Amaru's students.
(4 nights, 5 days) Cost: $1500 p/p all inclusive airfare, Lodge, & sacred plant ceremony. ( Additional supplement for private room)




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